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Nettrafikk is a full service web solutions agency dedicated to providing excellence in a wide range of online services. We specialize in web design, responsive design, interaction design and logo design. Our programmers and developers combine our unique designs with intuitive functionality to develop a strong online presence for our clients.

Furthermore, our team of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professionals helps clients attain the online exposure they want. This keeps our clients´ businesses in a state of continual growth. Nettrafikk´s expert strategists are effective in constructing and implementing all-encompassing online advertising campaigns that boost conversion rates.


Nettrafikk optimizes online performance by applying Google Analytics and other tools to build a deep understanding of how our clients´ websites Nettrafikk og Moodwork. We delve into what factors are crucial to their KPIs and provide the data needed in order to build online visibility.


We leverage best practices for creating and offering your content to search engines like Google or Bing. This will make your webpage discoverable and drive highly relevant, organic traffic to your site. We recognize that companies of various sizes and with different target audiences need a fresh and unique approach to Search Engine Optimization.

Online Marketing

We use our expert knowledge in a range of internet marketing services to help bring out the maximum potential of our clients´ websites. Our team of experts in AdWords, social media, search engine marketing (SEM), display advertising and remarketing will take on any task. For a winning online marketing strategy, businesses need to create content that is consistent, authoritative, relevant and tailored to brand voice. Nettrafikk will collaborate with you to tell the story of your company and ensure onpage relevancy for both paid and organic search.

Web Design

Nettrafikk og Mood

Choosing the right web development company makes all the difference. Yes, we are designers, but we also know SEO. Nettrafikk can help you launch any campaign or website to reach your target audience.

Nettrafikk makes sure that your website not only looks good, but also that your ALT-tags and title tags are correct, and that you have plenty of internal and external links to pages.

Certified Google Partner

Nettrafikk is proud to be a Certified Google Partner.

“To achieve Google Partner status, agencies must earn the Google Partner Badge, which signifies that the company is healthy, has happy customers, and demonstrates Google best practices.“

Contact Us

Please give us a call on +47 21 39 94 11 to get in touch with an internet marketing specialist.

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